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About us

Established in 1997, with 100% Romanian capital, BIP Telecom has developed in a market that is in the process of shaping and educating both demand and supply, delivering customized solutions for its customers, based on the latest technologies, using the highest quality equipment, internationally recognized brands, which have certifications in accordance with European standards.  

Its mission, is to have a constant influence in shaping an innovative vision, shaping and sustaining performance and the highest standards by delivering customized technology solutions to help its customers achieve or even exceed their business goals.

Our Services

Our Services

The BIP Telecom team consists of certified engineers and technicians IGPR, IGSU and ANRE, professionals with relevant experience certified for the design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems, electrical installations, video surveillance, detection and alarm systems fire, burglary detection, access control & timekeeping and telecommunication systems.

BIP Telecom is certified by the following authorities for:

  • IGPR - Design, Installation, Modification or Maintenance of Burglar alarm components and systems;

  • IGSU - Design, Installation and Maintenance of signaling, alarming and alerting systems and installations in case of Fire;

  • ANRE - Design and execution of exterior / interior electrical installations for civil and industrial constructions, aerial and underground connections, at the nominal voltage of 0.4 kV.

Structured data & voice cabling

Structured data & voice cabling is a set of standards that define how cables are installed

Electrical infrastructure

BIP Telecom, an ANRE certified company, offers its customers a full range of services

Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems are an important step in ensuring security

Fire detection & alarm systems

Fire detection & alarm systems are based on early detection

Fire extinguishing systems

BIP Telecom offers complete solutions for fire extinguishing systems

Smoke extraction systems

Smoke extraction is the process of extracting some of the smoke and gases from the burning spaces.

Burglary detection systems

The main purpose of burglar alarm systems is to detect in real time

Access control systems

More and more companies need a security system that allows control

Telecommunication systems

We offer complete communication solutions for current business requirements

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