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Smoke extraction systems

Smoke extraction is the process of extracting some of the smoke and gases from the burning spaces.

The purpose of the smoke extraction solution is to ensure the conditions for the evacuation of users and the use of extinguishing measures, as well as for the evacuation of hot gases released by fire during the development phases.

The design and implementation of these installations, as means of fire protection, ensures, first of all, the smoke-free maintenance of the escape routes and access. Another advantage is the efficiency of extinguishing the fire in the early stages. In addition, smoke and hot gas installations help to reduce the effect of widespread combustion, protect equipment and furniture, and ultimately reduce the damage caused by thermal decomposition.

BIP Telecom has experience  in the design and implementation of smoke control systems providing installation and maintenance services for ventilation systems and installations for the evacuation of smoke and hot gases.

All the proposed systems are specially designed to integrate perfectly into the structure of the building, complying with all the standards provided by the legislation in place.

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