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Cookies policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file, usually made up of letters and numbers, that is downloaded to the memory of a computer (or other device used for online browsing - mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when the user accesses a specific website.

Cookies are created when the browser used by a user displays a specific website. The website transmits information to the browser, which creates a text file. Each time the user accesses the website again, the browser accesses and transmits this file to the website server. In other words, the cookie can be seen as an identification card of the Internet user, which notifies the website every time the user returns to that site.

The purpose of cookies

Cookies can provide faster and easier interaction between users and websites. For example, when a user logs in to a particular website, their credentials are stored in a cookie; later, the user can access that site without having to log in again.

In other cases, cookies may be used to store information about the activities performed by the user on a specific web page, so that he can easily resume those activities when he later accesses the site. Cookies tell the server which pages to show the user so that they do not have to remember this or browse the entire site from the beginning. Thus, cookies can be assimilated to "bookmarks" that tell the user exactly where he stayed on a website.

Similarly, cookies can store information about products ordered by the user on an e-commerce site, thus making the concept of "shopping cart" possible.

Cookies may also provide websites with the ability to monitor users' online activities and to establish user profiles, which may then be used for marketing purposes. For example, cookies may be used to identify products and services approved by a user, and this information is then used to send appropriate advertising messages to that user.

Managing, disabling and deleting cookies

Detailed information on how to manage, disable and delete cookies using the settings of the browser used for browsing the Internet is available at the following addresses:

Internet Explorer

Deleting and managing cookies (IE 8, 9 and 10):

Mozilla Firefox

Cookie settings and cookie troubleshooting (enabling and disabling cookies, deleting cookies, blocking certain sites from placing cookies, unblocking the placement of cookies, etc.):

Google Chrome

Managing cookies (deleting, blocking, allowing, setting exceptions, etc.):


Manage cookies - Manage cookies (English only):

Remove cookies - Delete cookies (English only):


Managing and deleting cookies (English only):

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