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Burglary detection systems

The main purpose of burglar alarm systems is to detect in real time any attempts at burglary or unauthorized access to a protected space, to warn audibly and visually of this and possibly to  transmits the alarm to the security management systems, alarming  intervention forces. The use of these systems in addition to the purpose of protection also has a strong deterrent effect on criminals.

BIP Telecom offers you complete customized systems to protect you against burglary and theft by offering advice on determining the optimal solution.  Is licenses by the IGPR for the design, installation, modification or maintenance of burglar alarm components or systems. The BIP Telecom team also consists of IGPR-certified engineers and technicians, professionals with experience in the field, certified to design and install security systems.

Our solutions include the following:

  • burglar alarm systems for closed premises (homes, company premises, shops, warehouses, etc.);

  • exterior / perimeter burglar alarm systems;

  • site / multisite burglar alarm systems;

  • analog / digital burglar alarm systems;

  • wired / wireless burglar alarm systems.


Burglar alarm systems can also be integrated with other security systems (fire, video surveillance, access control) to allow the implementation of more complex security protocols.

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