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Structured data & voice cabling

Structured data & voice cabling is a set of standards that define how the cables that make up a computer network are installed in a building that may be office, industrial or even domestic.

These standards involve the use of standardized equipment (sockets, patch panels, racks) to make connections between devices and to determine exactly how these connections are used.

Structured cabling brings long-term cost benefits to a building due to its easy flexibility in reconfiguring a network and eliminating the need for rewiring.


Structured copper and fibre optic cabling networks complement overall resource management leading to reduced maintenance costs. This type of network is designed to streamline and ease the deployment of any infrastructure. Structured data & voice cabling is designed to increase IT managers' control and visibility over all equipment on the network wherever it is located.

BIP Telecom has the experience and technical capability to design and execute structured voice-data networks over copper (cat 5e, cat6/6a, cat 7/7a) and fibre (single mode, multimode).

The structured data & voice cabling networks installed by BIP Telecom benefit from certification and qualification tests, with equipment from the most prestigious manufacturers in the field, providing the desired and necessary quality and reliability.

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