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Access control systems

More and more companies need a security system that allows efficient control and processing of information. At present, access control systems must involve more than closing or opening the doors. The access management systems provided by BIP Telecom will ensure that only authorized persons have access according to the policies established by the organization. Increased security as well as access management characteristic of electronic systems can be equally useful to any business regardless of size.

Advantages of access control systems:

  • identify access to your organization;

  • defining timekeeping reports;

  • restricts access to protected areas;

  • and last but not least, a safer work environment.


BIP Telecom designs and installs Access Control solutions for both small and residential applications, as well as for commercial, institutions, business centers, etc. These custom solutions use a variety of ID card / Tag-based identification technologies, biometric identification, video identification, and more.

These solutions offer a wide range of management reports analyzed according to different criteria: first arrival / departure, absenteeism, presence in an area, number of hours worked / department, etc., These reports can be sent automatically reports in days, hours and addresses preset to facilitate solution management.

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